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Cabo ATV Rental

We got picked up from our hotel early in the morning for our Cabo ATV rental. We had been on a Cabo San Lucas ATV tour before but this time was it was with a different company in a different area. We got taken 25 miles north of Cabo San Lucas to a place near Migrino Beach. It's perfect for riding an ATV away from any busy areas, plus you get to see some more of the spectacular scenery of Baja California while on your vacation.

Cabo San Lucas ATV rental

The tour started off in the Baja desert and mountains. Riding your ATV rental through the mountains and desert is a good, enjoyable way to travel. Life should be like this away from your Cabo San Lucas vacation. Driving into work would be the best part of the day.

Migrino Beach is a nice white sandy beach along the Pacific Ocean coastline. This part of the Baja ATV tour gives you a bit more freedom to ride around. You can open the throttle up a bit more than when riding along the Baja desert tracks.

Cabo San Lucas ATV rental

If you enjoy a good Cabo ATV rental then Cabo San Lucas Tours do a longer tour where you ride through a small town, and across a river. It's a 30 mile tour in total that also ends up at Migrino Beach along the Pacific coastline.

It costs you a few dollars more but you do get a longer on your ATV. You also get a taste of the Baja history when you go through a small community of La Candelaria. Only about 60 people live there, and time seems to have stood still for a couple of hundred years.

Cabo San Lucas ATV rental

We was glad we did our Cabo ATV rental in the morning as the desert gets quite hot from about noon onwards. Your sun block is a must, and so are clean clothes to change into straight after your tour. It gets dusty riding on the desert tracks, and going back to your hotel looking like you've been through a sandstorm can be a bit embarrassing.

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