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Pez Gato Cabo Cruise

See this beautiful part of Mexico from the outside with a Cabo cruise. A pez Gato boat tour will let you see just how stunning the rock formations are around the arch. You can do some snorkeling, and between the months of January and March you can watch some whales.

We personally never went on a Cabo Cruise but we spoke to some people who went on Pez Gato boat tour, and they loved it. So we thought we would let you know what they got up to.

Pez Gato Cabo san lucas cruise

Sailing around the archway, for them, was the best part of the Cabo cruise. The size of the rock formations when your up close are unbelievable. One of the Pez Gato tours they went on was a sunset cruise. This is an early evening cruise around 6.00 pm, and lasts for 2 hours.

They sailed around lovers beach which is where the archway is, around Lands End, and then onto the Pacific to watch a stunning pacific Ocean Sunset.

Baja Cantina on Medan Beach

Another Cabo San Lucas cruise they went on with Pez Gato was a snorkeling cruise. This was in the afternoon, and sets off about 11.00am, and returns 4 hours later. They said they saw some beautiful fish in the Santa Maris bay where the cruise takes place.

During the cruise they stop for a lunch break that's included in your price. This includes...

  • Fresh fruit
  • Sandwiches
  • Chips and Mexican salsa
  • Bottled water and soda
  • Beer and an open bar

All in all they was very impressed with their Cabo Cruises, and seeing the archway made their Cabo San Lucas vacation. As they said though, you don't have to go on a cruise to see the archway that close up, but they wouldn't have gone down the beach that far to see it.

The staff on the catamarans were pleasant, and professional which is what you need when you're out on the water especially the Pacific Ocean.

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