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Cabo San Lucas Attractions

There are many Cabo San Lucas attractions you can take the time to look at while you're on your Cabo Vacation. Below are what we consider must see places to visit. These range from bars and clubs to land marks.

There are so many Cabo San Lucas attractions you could never see them all in one visit unless you spent a month there. It's a beautiful part of Mexico that is magnified with stunning views from every corner.

El Arco

The Archway or El Arco as the locals call it is an archway cut out of the end of the rock formations on Cabo San Lucas's most southern tip. You can get a Cabo cruise that will take you around this landmark so you get to see it close up. That's when you appreciate the beauty of such a large piece of rock.

You also have Lovers Beach near by where you can go snorkeling. You get dropped of here for a few hours, adnire the scenery, and sunbath on the beach. Climbing the rocks is fun if you're the active type or just want to show of in front of your wife and children.

El Arco, the Archway in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Wabo

A visit to Cabo Wabo is a must if you're the partying type. A Tequila fueled night is definitely one of enjoyment providing you don't overdo it. If you just want to take in the atmosphere you can just have a meal at the restaurant.

Cabo Wabo is probably the most famous of all the Cabo San Lucas nightclubs. It's owned by Sammy Hagar who used to be in the band Van Halen, as well as other bands.

Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas

Giggling Marlin

Another of the Cabo San Lucas attractions where you can enjoy yourself is the Giggling Marlin. This is another night out drinking Tequila, and trying to stay on your feet. You get the chance to join in with some audience participation here which can be some sexy Salsa dancing or another sexy party game.

Giglling Marlin in Cabo San Lucas

The Office

The Office on Medano Beach is a popular place to eat. It's a Cabo San Lucas restaurant that has been open since the 1970s, and places don't stay open that long for nothing. It's open all day so if you stay near by you can enjoy a tasty breakfast in there.

The Office in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Attractions

These are just a few of the main Cabo San Lucas attractions that you can enjoy going to. Cabo San Lucas has far too many to fit into one web page.

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