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Cabo San Lucas Beaches

The Cabo San Lucas beaches all offer you something different. You can swim at the ones on the Sea Of Cortez side. And the Cabo beaches on the Pacific Ocean side are just big and more peaceful as these you can't swim in. This is due to the powerful Pacific under currents. You will get a gorgeous sunset though if you're on the Pacific side in the evening.

Playa Santa Maria

One of your Cabo San Lucas beaches that should be on your shortlist is the Playa Santa Maria. The beach has pink sand and is shaped like a lagoon which is probably the reason why the fish rest here. It's a protected marine sanctuary, and there's plenty of marine life here... Playa Santa Maria

El Medano Beach

Your day on El Medano Beach at Cabo San Lucas can start as early as you want it too. Be prepared for a very entertaining day. You have good places to eat, and some activities that you can participate in. You're also on the only public beach where you can swim safely in Cabo San Lucas... El Medano Beach

Lovers Beach

Cabo San Lucas beaches don't get any more romantic than Lovers Beach. This secluded part of Cabo San Lucas is awesome to look at from close up. You have the famous Arch as well as all the other rock formations for an inspiring afternoon in Cabo San Lucas... Lovers Beach

Divorce Beach

On the Pacific Ocean side of the Arch, Divorce Beach is great for sun bathing and a bit of rock climbing. You also get a fantastic view of the ocean, but you mustn't attempt to swim here because of the strong undercurrents... Divorce Beach

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beaches are called the sexiest beaches in the world. Good club music with scantily dressed people on their Cabo San Lucas Vacation... Nikki Beach, the sexiest beach in the world

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