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Cabo San Lucas Car Rental

A Cabo San Lucas car rental is the most practical and cheapest way to travel around on your Cabo vacation. If you choose to do the cab route the fares will come to a lot more than your car rental will.

Your freedom

Driving around gives you so much more freedom in Cabo San Lucas. You can take a drive up the Los Cabos corridor. If you're there for the Cabo golf courses a car of your own is invaluable. You'll soon start clocking up the mileage.

Even if you're staying at the Pedregal De Cabo San Lucas gated community a car can help you get into town a lot easier. You can get out, and go and enjoy some Cabo San Lucas Activities. The cost of the car rental per day could be the same as one cab journey depending on where you go.

Go scuba diving

If you want to go scuba diving it's so much easier for you to get in the car, and take a drive there yourself. You can park up go diving, and the car is there for you when you want to go back to your hotel or villa. Even some the Cabo villas have parking facilities.

The Cabo San Lucas car rental

Dollar Car can take care of your Cabo San Lucas car rental needs. They offer you good rates and reliability. When you go to the site just put SJD in the "Pick up" and "Return" boxes as this is their code for the SJD airport.

They have other pickup points as well if you want to rent the car to get to your destination, and then rent one to get back to the airport. Some people do this as even this is cheaper than the airports own transport.

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