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Cabo San Lucas Fishing Trip

Getting out on the water for a Cabo San Lucas fishing trip relaxes you, and clears the senses. If you love your fishing then you'll enjoy a fishing trip here in Cabo San Lucas, the Marlin capital of the world. you'll know you're in the right place as soon as you enter the marina. There are fisherman everywhere, and plenty of companies to rent your boat from.

Marlin Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Your boat

There's a boat for everyone on a Cabo San Lucas fishing trip. Anything from a small two-man panga to 100 ft+ yachts where you will fish, eat, drink and sleep in.

Most of the boats have some good equipment on them to help locate where the fish are under the water. All the boats have a captain as well to guide you. They have been fishing the waters in Cabo for years, and will be able to help you with everything.

The companies you can use for your fishing trip include...

If you know you're going to do some fishing in Cabo San Lucas before you get there you can book your charters online or phone them up. On the other hand though you can wait until you're at the marina and find out of some other fisherman which boats are catching well at that time.

Types of fish

The nutrient rich waters around Cabo San Lucas allow for a variety of fish you can catch. These include...

  • Blue marlin
  • Black marlin
  • Sail fish
  • Spear fish
  • Striped marlin
  • Yellow fin tuna
  • Wahoo
  • Dorado

If you have never been Marlin fishing before it's an experience you'll want to try again. Just to feel the power of one of these fish is unbelievable. Sometimes they can take over an hour to reel in. It's a million miles away from fishing around a lake back in your hometown.

Your Cabo San Lucas fishing trip will be a very enjoyable day out. Remember your sun block as the sun shines a lot in Cabo San Lucas.

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