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Cabo San Lucas Flight

Once you've decided where to stay your Cabo San Lucas flight will be your next thing to sort out. Your flight will land in Los Cabos Mexico at SJD airport. This will then leave you a 40 min drive to Cabo San Lucas. You can arrange a Cabo San Lucas car rental before hand, or arrange something with your flight.

You can also pre-arrange a Cabo San Lucas Airport Shuttle to take you to Cabo San Lucas. This helps you avoid the timeshare people. They will pounce on you at the airport. If you're in Cabo San Lucas for the first time it can be a bit intimidating.

There's nothing wrong with getting a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas but don't sign up for anything at the airport. Get to your hotel first, and sort yourself out.

Share a Cabo Cab if you want to

If you're traveling as a couple you could share a cab with another couple and that will save you some money. You will however still have to say no to the timeshare people. If you know what to expect from them they can save you money of a lot of activities, and travel while you're in Cabo San Lucas. The choice is yours completely.

After your Cabo San Lucas flight if you don't mind driving you can get a car rental for about $30 a day depending on the size of the car.

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