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Cabo San Lucas Horseback Ride

"You just hop your leg over" she said. Our Cabo San Lucas horseback ride was amusing to someone, and hard work for me. It was my first time on a horse, but once I got going I knew it wasn't going to be my last. It was such a good feeling, and horses are lovely animals.

Cabo San Lucas Horseback Ride

The first Cabo San Lucas horseback ride we ventured out on was a sunset beach ride. The sun setting over the Pacific ocean is such a sight to see we just wanted a change from taking a Cabo cruise. Being on a horse for the first time as well turned it into a more exciting adventure than it should have been.

Before we got to Sunset Beach we was taken through the some trails of the Mexican desert. As far as I was concerned I was in a western. Strolling on horseback along the trails between all the bushes was an experience. We was a million miles from home that evening.

Cabo San Lucas Horseback Ride

We finished up on Sunset Beach, and we wasn't let down with the sunset that evening. It finished the horseback ride off in style. And to be honest it felt quite romantic, just the 2 of you on horses, watching a sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Beach horseback ride

Seeing as our first Cabo San Lucas Horseback ride was so enjoyable we went on another one. This time we went for a ride on El Medano Beach. This was quite early in the morning this time.

We started off again along some trails, and passed a cemetery. Then it was over some sand dunes, and then onto El Medano Beach. We then rode along the shoreline to Cabo San Lucas bay, got a view of El Arco, and had another excellent 2 hours of horseback riding.

Cabo San Lucas Horseback Ride

The people we booked the Cabo San Lucas horseback riding with were Cabo San Lucas Tours. The people are friendly, polite and speak good English. We also got a discount card off of them as well that we could use in some restaurants and shops. You have to book in advance to guarantee your place which is no problem over the phone or internet.

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