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Cabo San Lucas Kayaking Tour

A Cabo San Lucas Kayaking tour is a Cabo activity we haven't yet tried. The nearest we have got to it is talking to a lovely couple about their Kayaking adventure that they had enjoyed the previous day. They had already done kayaking as they came from Canada so they wanted to do it in Cabo seeing as it was a Cabo activity they would be used too. They was also looking forward to the snorkeling part of the tour.

Cabo San Lucas kayaking tour

Their tour started at Nikki Beach which is front of the Melia hotel. It's also part of El Medano Beach so it isn't hard work kayaking all the way to El Arco. They set off at around 9.30 in the morning. There is an afternoon Cabo San Lucas kayaking tour but the morning one has a less traffic on the sea.

They went in a two man kayak which they said made it slightly easier than having one each. Once they got to El Arco ( The Arch ) they went passed Pelican rock, and then did some snorkeling at Lovers Beach. This was the part of the kayaking tour they was looking forward to and they enjoyed it as well.

Cabo San Lucas kayaking tour

They were shown a Sea Lion Colony which just sounded amazing. We never saw anything like a Sea Lion when we went snorkeling so we tried to hide our jealousy. They said they had the most breathtaking time snorkeling at Lovers Beach.

Once we knew they liked the snorkeling we told them about our tours we had been on, and they tried to book one for the end of their vacation. I don't know whether they got it in time as lots of people book these tours in advance.

Cabo San Lucas kayaking tour

The snorkeling really made the tour for them. The kayaking they had done before, but even this was an adventure for them as they hadn't kayaked by such enormous rock formations before. The Arch is something to see as well as the rocks around Lovers Beach. They said when they come back to Cabo San Lucas they will definitely book a snorkeling tour in advance.

They booked their Cabo San Lucas kayaking tour with Cabo San Lucas Tours.

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