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Cabo San Lucas Shopping

Cabo San Lucas shopping as with any other shopping is definitely a ladies thing. This is the part of the vacation where you can usually see some excitement when it just isn't needed. Looking for the gifts for the rest of the family is something that needs to be done but men could do without.

Cabo San Lucas shopping at Puerto Paraiso

An excellent place to start your shopping is Puerto Peraiso. This is a huge Cabo San Lucas shopping mall that caters for every taste and generation. If you plan on doing some serious shopping you could spend a whole day in here. Not only does it have shops but there are 10 movie theaters and a bowling alley.

It has parking for 2000 cars not that you will need to drive as the Puerto Peraiso is right on the marina. You will need your car however if you plan on doing a lot of shopping. Gifts and clothing can become heavy if you have a long walk back to your hotel or villa.

Puerto Peraiso is 3 floors of shopping heaven, that's if you enjoy your shopping. If not it will be shopping hell. They have big name jewelry stores like Diamonds international down to home grown Cabo San Lucas Jewelry stores.

The Cotton Club sells some lovely clothing. They sell everything from formal evening wear to something for the beach. The store is a favorite with locals as well as tourists. The shop is owned by Margarita Partridge, she also has 2 other shops in Cabo San Lucas.

Cotton Club at Puerto Paraiso

When you fancy a bite to eat there's a shop for the men, and that's the Harley Davidson bar and grill. It also has a shop filled with bikes, clothing and Harley Davidson memorabilia.

For a quick lunch break you'll get the best hamburgers in Cabo San Lucas there. It's a proper bikers lunch.

Harley Davidson bar and grill at Puerto Paraiso

There are plenty of other restaurants for you to eat in when you're doing your Cabo San Lucas shopping. The Harley Davidson bar and grill is good for a quick lunch, and gives you that burger taste of home.

Shopping at the Puerto Peraiso is an experience if you enjoy your shopping. Even if you're not shopping you can visit one of the many Cabo restaurants in there. Don't spend too much time in there though as you'll miss the rest of Cabo San Lucas. There are plenty of shops downtown you can visit as well.

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