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Cabo San Lucas Villa - Why You Should Choose This Option

There are a few good reasons to rent a Cabo San Lucas villa as an alternative to going to an overpriced beach resort or hotel. Spending your vacation anywhere in Cabo San Lucas will be a pleasure, but you have the power to make it a more of a relaxing vacation, so why shouldn't you?

You have much more privacy

When you rent a Cabo San Lucas villa, you and your party of friends are the only people staying at the property. This gives you so much more peace and tranquillity. Your security is increased as well as your privacy. If you stay in the Pedregal De Cabo San Lucas gated community you get 24 hour security patrols.

Share the expense with family or friends

If you go to Cabo San Lucas with a group of friends you can all share the price of the your accomodation. This gives you more seclusion for the same cost as a vacation at a very busy and noisy Cabo San Lucas resort or hotel. You will just have to come to an arrangement over who has which room as they're not all equal. You can easily adjust what everyone pays, or you can swap rooms during your stay at the villa. The main advantage is the beds as these vary in size.

More pool privacy

Getting a space around the pool can be a nightmare every morning at a resort. You will need to get up at 6.00 am to book your sun lounger, and when you're on vacation this isn't enjoyable, and defeits the object of you relaxing on your vacation.

At your Cabo villa you don't have to get up early for your pool space, it's already there whether you get up at 6.00 am or 2.00 pm. You'll also find it's a lot more peaceful, no kids running around, and no other guests disturbing you. You'll just be enjoying your sun lounger, soaking up the sun, and letting the breeze from the Pacific Ocean cool you off.

Do you like the beach

If you like teh beach, and don't mind not being able to swin in the ocean then you have a private beach a few minutes away at the Pedregal De Cabo San Lucas. The beaches on the busy side of Cabo where you can swim are packed with other tourists and vendors.

Cheaper mealtimes

Your meals can get a bit expensive when you stay at a resort. Spending your vacation at the your villa gives you the choice of a walk into downtown Cabo to one of the many restaurants. Your main choices are Mexican, seafood and Italian. With the restaurants you can't escape the Tequila theme ( if you really wanted too ) as it's so Cabo's most popular drink. Some of the restaurants have so many choices of Tequila you won't be able to sample them all in one vacation. If you don't want to walk into downtown Cabo you can hire a car, and you'll be able park your car at your villa depending on which one you spend your vacation in.

If you don't feel like going into downtown Cabo for your meals you can just buy some groceries. If you feel like it you can then cook a meal yourself in your villa's gourmet kitchen. And your other option is to request an onsite Gourmet Chef to cook you up a treat.

Every villa has a BBQ as well that you can play chef on. A few meat treats smouldering on the BBQ will give anyone an appetite.

Being a stones throw away from downtown Cabo you can easily walk to the nightlife. There you can make the most of the Tequila bars and live bands. An evening in Cabo Wabo will give you a night in downtown Cabo to remember.

Two to three bedroom Cabo San Lucas villas

Four bedroom Cabo San Lucas villas

Four bedroom Cabo San Lucas villas

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