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Cabo Canopy Tour

The most thrilling activity we tried in Cabo San Lucas was the Canopy tour. This was an amazing adventure of a morning. The name canopy tour does not do this Cabo San Lucas activity any justice. You get hooked up to a zip line, and then travel down the line.

Canopy tour in Cabo san lucas

There were 3 miles of zip lines that gave us the feeling of freedom as we were whizzing down them. Neither of us had done anything like this before, and that just added to the excitement we was feeling.

There is a small amount of fear when you're doing this for the first time but that soon goes. The xtreme canopy tour in Cabo San Lucas is set up above the Costa Azul Canyon with a river below you as well. It really is a Cabo activity that leaves you wanting more.

Safety is a big issue as you can understand, and you're hooked up to the zip line by the professionals. Your canopy even has a brake you can use so you're in complete control of what's happening.

Canopy tour in Cabo san lucas

Children as young as 7 can enjoy this Cabo San Lucas activity which would be an amazing thing to do at that age. The only part of this Cabo San Lucas activity they can't enjoy is the free Tequila tasting tour afterwards. This is at the historical Tequila factory, and you get to taste a few varieties. Luckily they supply the transport as well so you're not left to drive yourself back.

There's a little bit of walking between the zip lines so a good pair of comfortable shoes or trainers are recommended.

Canopy tour in Cabo san lucas

Cabo San Lucas Tours are the company we went with. They may even be the only ones doing this activity at this time.

The Cabo San Lucas canopy tour is definitely something we'll be doing again.

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