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Giggling Marlin In Cabo San Lucas

The Giggling Marlin in Cabo San Lucas is easily recognized by the man tied upside down outside. He's just been caught by the Giggling Marlin.

It was once the only bar in Cabo San Lucas and is located on Marina Boulevard.

Party games

DO you like having fun? And do you enjoy joining in with the fun?

If you do you're in for a treat. The Giggling Marlin is the place where audience participation is very well accepted with the floor show party games.

You'll either end up eating food off of someone, or you could end up tied upside down next to the Giggling Marlin. It will be a photograph that does the rounds.

Too Much Fun Club

The Giggling Marlin in Cabo San Lucas gives you the chance to get your name on the wall. This is their "Too Much Fun Club".

The house drink is the "Skip and Go Naked". It is a mixture of their own secret liquors and fruit juices, chilled with ice, and blended to perfection. In the Too Much Fun Club you get the opportunity to drink 4 of these. Once you do this your name goes on the wall.

It's a trophy that will be seen by many for years to come.

The Dance Show

You are given a dance show by Gabrial, Margarita and the GM Dancers. They show you why Salsa is hot, and it's just another excuse for some audience participation.

There's definitely fun on the dance floor every evening. The Giggling Marlin in Cabo San Lucas is a night club where you will be smiling and laughing all night.

If you enjoy dancing, party games, audience participation then a night at The Giggling Marlin while you're on vacation will be a night to remember.

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