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Hotels Near Downtown Cabo San Lucas

Hotels near downtown Cabo San Lucas are value for money, friendly and right next to your Cabo San Lucas nightlife. If you want to be part of this nightlife the hotels below are what you need. They're within walking distance of your favorite Tequila bar.

The hotels near downtown Cabo San Lucas are no where near as populated as the resorts so this makes the staff less stressed, and a lot friendlier. Being near the nightlife also saves you money getting cabs everywhere. If you stay at a resort you're going to spend a lot on your travel in and out of town.

Timeshare people

The timeshare people won't bother you either like they do at the resorts. Many holiday makes on vacation get it ruined by timeshare people because they don't leave anyone alone.

Siesta Suites

Siesta Suites is a hotel in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. Rooms start at around $60 a night which makes a weeks stay less than one night at a beach resort. You can easily walk back to your hotel from your favorite bar... The Siesta Suites Hotel

Siesta Suites Hotel in Cabo San Lucas

Los Milagros

The Los Milagros is a hotel that is managed by a lovely lady named Sandra. The Cabo nightlife is a couple of blocks away... The Los Milagros Hotel

Los Milagros Hotel in Cabo San Lucas

The Bungalows Hotel

The Bungalows hotel is slightly more expensive then the two hotels above, but it is still only 3 blocks away from downtown Cabo. You're looking at around $110 a night, the food is good, and this hotel gets a lot of good reviews from regular visitors... The Bungalows Hotel

Bungalows Hotel in Cabo San Lucas

Comfort Inn Los Cabos

The Comfort Inn Los Cabos is is another one of the hotels near downtown Cabo San Lucas. You'll be paying about the same price for a room as the Bungalows Hotel so this hotel is a little bit more expensive than the first two on this page. You get satellite tv, and a nice pool area for the extra money though... Comfort Inn Los Cabos

Comfort Inn Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas

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