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Jet Skiing At El Medano Beach

If you want to enjoy a Cabo San Lucas activity at short notice then jet skiing at El Medano Beach could be what you're after. Unlike most of the other Cabo activities you don't have to make a reservation in advance. You have vendors on the beach asking people all the time to come and have a go on the jet skis.

jet skis at El Medano Beach

If you don't mind other vendors trying to get you to buy or rent something you'll have a great time jet skiing at El Medano Beach. Not only that but there are plenty of places to eat and drink there as well.

The jet skis are usually about $45 for half an hour and $80 for an hour. It's an adrenalin fueled time out on the waves on a jet ski, and it's well worth the money spent.

The vendor will spend a short amount of time explaining some of the safety to you. This is based on where you can, and where you can't go on your hired jet ski. Staying away from other boats, and not going around the Archway onto the Pacific Ocean are the main dangers.

jet skis at El Medano Beach

After short safety course it's up to you then. You're your own captain when you're out there, and can pretty much do what you want. You've got the opportunity to really enjoy yourself so don't waste any time.

The time goes quite fast when you're out on the water but you don't need to spend any longer than an hour on the jet skis. It's not like a Cabo San Lucas ATV tour where you'll ride for a while then the tour guide will start talking about the area your in.

Jet Skiing at El Medano Beach is all about riding the waves. The more you're out on the water the more confident you get. It's a great activity to have a go at at, and then when you're finished it's just a short walk to the Office on Medano Beach. There you can eat some good food after you have worked up an appetite out on the Sea Of Cortez.

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