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Mango Deck

You won't get away from the fun and enjoyment when you're eating at Mango Deck. This restaurant is right on El Medano beach, and is a completely different experience to any other restaurant we have tried in Cabo San Lucas. Even the staff are pure entertainment. Mango Deck does have an adult theme at times so parental guidance is definitely needed.

Mango Deck on El Medano Beach

When we was eating there we happened to catch a sexy dancing competition. This is just one of the competitions they hold at this restaurant. It was one of the funniest things we had the pleasure of watching when we was in Cabo San Lucas. Some of the contestants clearly had too much to drink. But that just added to our entertainment. The staff are brilliant as well, they get involved, and know how to get everyone else involved as well.

They have competitions and games going on all day here, and you can easily spend a whole day here if you wanted too. It's more for the younger at heart with the theme of the whole entertainment side.

Big Johnson the Tequila man

You get the Tequila man walking round. He's "Big Johnson," and has a belt on with his Tequila bottles and shot glasses.

There's an MC to keep everything ticking along nicely. He's a smooth talker, and just that added extra that gives the Mango Deck that complete entertainment feel.

Mango Deck on El Medano Beach

When we was there we just had one order. It wasn't like a 3 course meal we would have in the evening as we was here mid afternoon. We just had a chicken fajitas and a beef fajitas. These went down well with a cold beer. The sun was hot that day so we got a table on the beach.

If you like a place that's filled with entertainment then Mango Deck is for you. What with all the other things you can do on El Medano Beach you can easily spend a whole day here.

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