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Parasailing In Cabo San Lucas ATV tour

Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas is something we have put off and off so we haven't got around to doing it yet. We did meet a family though who have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom it gives them.

They have taken part in this Cabo San Lucas activity on a number of occasions, as to them, parasailing gave them the same excitement every time they went up as it did the first time they tried it.

Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas

They loved the bird's eye view they got of Medano bay and the Archway. The Archway is a spectacular site from any angle so being up in the air makes it even more so.

Their children enjoyed the parasailing in Cabo San Lucas as much as they did. They said at first their youngest daughter wouldn't attempt the parasailing. After a while though she could see how much enjoyment the older sister was getting out of it, and she eventually agreed to go up. She too was then hooked on Cabo San Lucas parasailing.

The children under a specific weight have to go up with an adult so the youngest daughter wasn't alone up in the air. Safety is a big issue with a parasailing company, and every rule is strict, and abided by.

Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas

The parents got a lot more out of it than just enjoyment. They said when they cam back down it made them feel like they could do anything. Those little things in life you put off because of a small fear were made to look insignificant in comparison.

Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas

Being towed around the Sea Of Cortez and Medano bay just gave them an amazing feeling. No other activity could give them the same feeling apart from probably parachuting, but they said they wasn't quite ready for that yet.

They always did their parasailing in Cabo San Lucas with a company called Caborey Parasailing. They said it was a family run business that had been operating for 40 years. They also have the biggest parasailing boat in Cabo San Lucas which makes your landing a lot easier when you're being pulled back to the boat.

They start their tours early in the morning as well when there is less traffic on the water so you get a lot more freedom and safety.

Your reservation

Book online at Caborey Parasailing and save yourself a few dollars. You just need a paypal account to leave a deposit.

You can make a reservation by phone at (624) 143-8060 or (624) 143-8260

You can also get your tickets at the Hotel Costa Real, and the main office. These are shown on the map here...

Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas

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