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Snorkeling In Cabo San Lucas

We have been snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas a few times now. It's a great excuse to get into the sea, and see some of the Cabo marine life. One of our favourite places to snorkel is the Playa Santa Maria. It's one of the most popular snorkeling destinations in Cabo San Lucas because of the marine life you see there.

Playa Santa Maria in Cabo San Lucas

The fish we saw were beautiful. It's just like it is on the discovery channel. You can even watch them feeding if you take them some bread or similar snack. If you're lucky you get to see some see turtles which we were not lucky enough to see. The tropical fish far outdid our expectations anyway.

The cruise takes about 40 minutes each way from the marina, and you get about two and a half hours snorkeling. This seemed longer than we got on another cruise which we preferred because we love the Playa Santa Maria, and the tropical marine life there.

Playa Santa Maria in Cabo San Lucas

Another one of our favorite places to go snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is Chileno Bay. There's a reef just offshore where you see marine life such as manta rays, sea fans and hundreds of tropical fish. These sea creatures just make the sea so colorful. The water's warm, and the Mexican sun is on your back. Waterproof sun block is a must when you're snorkeling. Being in the water all the time you don't feel your back burning which could ruin the rest of your vacation.

Playa Santa Maria in Cabo San Lucas

The snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas Chileno Bay tour is slightly further out than the Playa Santa Maria tour but you still get the same amount of time in the water. There are more beaches where you can go snorkeling at Cabo San Lucas Tours. Another good one is a glass bottomed boat out to Lovers Beach.

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