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The Office On Medano Beach

Most visitors of Cabo San Lucas pay a visit to The Office on Medano Beach. It was the only place to eat back in the seventies for the very few visitors that came to the region. It's stood the test of time and you will find out why.

Many people walk down the beach from there hotels to taste the delights of this beach restaurant.

Get your breakfast from 7.00 am in the morning, and enjoy lunch and dinner right up until 10.00 pm at night.

Brief Office history

Years ago a local man rented wind surfing equipment to clients, and entertained them on the beach. This became ( as he called it ) the Office on the beach. The name has stuck ever since, and soon afterwards a sign went up, and has stayed there ever since.

Over the years they have got pretty busy now employing over 60 staff members.

Break fast menu

Here are just a few treats you can get yourself for breakfast...

  • Fruit Salad - Fresh fruit of the season, served on half a fresh pineapple
  • The Office Omelette - With cheese, green bell pepper, and mushroom stuffing
  • Chorizo and Eggs - Scrambled with local Miraflores chorizo (sausage), served with beans and hash browns
  • Eggs with Ham or Bacon - Scrambled or fried your way, served with beans, hash browns and tortillas

The Office on Medano Beach is a perfect way to start your day in Cabo San Lucas.

Lunch at The Office

After a hard morning tanning yourself you can grab some lunch. Here's a couple for you to think about...

  • Chicken Fajitas - Chicken breast fajitas sautéed with chunks of onion, tomato and sweet green bell peppers. Served with rice, beans, guacamole and corn or flour tortillas.
  • Beef Tacos - Three Tortillas your choice of corn or flour stuffed with grilled marinate flank steak. served with rice, beans and guacamole

Can you taste them already?

Dinner menu taster

  • Octopus Salad - Grilled Octopus in small pices marinated with white wine virgin olive oil, parseley, salary, Fresh lime juice, salt, pepper, and oregano
  • Land between Two Seas - Steamed todos Santos lobster, grilled New York steak, and Fresh jumbo shrimp. from san Carlos served with rosemary potatoes, organically vegetables

There really is no reason to leave the beach all day, is there?

A day at The Office on Medano Beach is like no other day at the office.

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